Do you want great food for your seniors?


CUSTOM DINing solutions

Every senior living community is different. Our approach is to tailor each program to meet the unique needs of your community and your residents. Our chef-driven and restaurant quality dining options mean superior service, great-tasting food that is familiar and diverse ranging from cuisine to format. We want to ensure residents always have something to look forward to.  



We believe food is medicine and that eating for longevity and wellness is important at any age. As more baby-boomers join senior living communities, the bar on health-consciousness, local sourcing, and fresh ingredients will only continue to rise. This is the kind of cooking we do everyday and it’s part of our DNA. Our chefs, dietitians and nutritionists partner together to create wholesome choices that never sacrifice taste and can meet any dietary or medical needs whether plant-based, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory and more.


Reverse cognitive decline with food. 


The protocol called reCODE is proven to reverse cognitive decline in diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia through a diet called Ketoflex.

Ketoflex works to ensure seniors are in ketosis, are eating food with high amounts of fiber and eating within a window of 12 hours every day. The diet includes plenty of raw and lightly cooked vegetables, and excludes food with high amounts of gluten or sugar.

If you are interested, we can use the Ketoflex diet to plan menus for your seniors! LEARN MORE ABOUT reCODE HERE