Do you want great food for your students?



College and university campuses are filled with savvy customers who expect choice, flexibility, ahead of the curve dining trends and food that tastes as good as it looks and sounds. The days of limited and rote meal plans are over. Because our culinary team has fine-dining, fast casual, global cuisines, and retail-dining experience we have the expertise and relationships to bring in nationally branded concepts and develop new and authentic offerings that will exceed the expectations of students, faculty, staff and visitors.


Health and Familiarity

Food is fuel for learning and well-being. For students away from home for the first time, our nutritionists and dietitians work hand and hand with our chefs to create choices that fuse health with comfort. We depend on the naturally occurring flavors of fresh and sustainably produced food and the universal appeal of from-scratch cooking to deliver meal options that taste good and support developing healthy eating and wellness habits.