Do you want great food for your employees?



Dining at the workplace goes beyond a well-run cafeteria. It’s about capitalizing and introducing the latest in dining trends, menu design and innovations. Using our deep and varied culinary background, we can develop a suite of options from coffee bars, self-serve markets, authentic global cuisine concepts, farm stands, in-house catering and more. Keeping your employees excited about the dining program and engaged by its offerings will support productivity, retention and the impromptu comradery that only happens over a good meal.


Performance-based menus

We use existing research to craft menus that boost energy and performance. For example, we avoid added sugars to eliminate that mid-afternoon crash, and we focus on brain healthy fats combined with proteins with complex amino acids to boost brain function. We also source immunity-boosting foods to cut down on sick days and health care costs.

The Healthways Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found in an analysis of over 20,000 survey responders that those workers who ate healthy the entire day were 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance and 27 percent lower rates of absenteeism.